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Golf Training Impact

Golf training impact will improve your accuracy and distance regardless of what club you are swinging. If you can hit the sweet spot of your club every swing, you will eliminate errant shots and drop several strokes from your score. Golf training impact can help you do that by monitoring where the ball is hitting your clubface and teaching you the proper technique to make good contact with the ball. This article will explain golf training impact and several ways to hit the ball more consistently.

Golf Training Impact Indicators

    To determine if your point of impact -- when the ball hits the club -- is the reason for those added strokes, you can use a golf training impact indicator. Those devices are usually attached to your clubface, and when you strike a ball an impact mark is left on your clubface. If the impact mark is not centered on the sweet spot of your clubface, you can make adjustments to your swing. Impact indicators help you diagnose swing problems, enabling you to make the necessary changes to improve.
    There are several types of golf training impact indicators. They all provide you with the same information, but they each are applied differently. Pick the one that suits your preferences and needs the best.

Impact tape and decals have adhesive on one side and stick to your clubface. When you hit a ball a mark will be left on the decal or tape. They last for several swings. Then you peel them off and discarded them.

Impact dust and paint are either sprayed or dabbed onto your clubface. When you hit a ball an impact mark will be imprinted into the brightly colored dust or paint. One application can last several swings, and then the dust and paint must be wiped off with a damp towel (, Once your clubface dries you can apply them again.

Talcum powder works like impact dust (Strege). Just put a thin coating on your clubface, hit a ball and look at the impact mark. Talcum powder wipes off with a towel when you are done.

Impact patches are tailored pieces of suede leather that adhere to your clubface. The leather retains an impact mark when you hit a ball, and you can rub the mark off with your finger and swing again. One patch can be used for over 100 shots. When you are finished with the patch, you can peel it off your clubface, store it in its case and use it again later (

    If a golf training impact indicator shows that you are missing your sweet spot, the next step is to fix your swing. There are many reasons why you can miss hitting the center of your clubface. A flaw in any phase of your swing can cause improper contact. To help you fix any flaw you might have, you have many options, ranging from instructional videos to training aids to lessons. For Additional information about ways to fix your swing problems, check out the related articles listed below.

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