Used Golf Balls
By: Brent Walter

Used golf balls are a great way to save money so you can spend it on more important things like extra buckets of balls at the driving range. However, used golf balls aren't the right choice for every golfer. This article will help you decide if used golf balls are right for you and how get the most for your money when buying used golf balls.

Who Should Use Used Golf Balls

    Used golf balls will save you money, but they may not perform as well for you as a new ball that is the right style for your game. When you are a beginner or if you just want to play for fun, used golf balls are great. You won't benefit from the enhancements of expensive golf balls until you can consistently hit the ball straight anyways, and if you don't care about performance, why would you want to waste your money on expensive balls (Wright). Used golf balls are also great if you need practice balls. You don't want to spend a lot of money on new balls to beat them up. With used golf balls you can swing away without any concern.
    If you are looking for performance, used golf balls may not be the right choice because they me have imperfections or be the wrong style for your swing. However, used performance balls in good condition are much better than new second-rate golf balls (Hayes). So, if you want to save money with used golf balls without sacrificing performance, search for a specific type of used golf ball that fits your experience level and swing. That will give you the most for the least amount of money.

Where To Find Used Golf Balls

   You can get used golf balls from many sources. Online retailers, golf pro shops, road-side stands and sporting goods stores all sell used golf balls (Gordon). You can also pick up some used golf balls for free while you are searching for your own ball out on the course, but make sure you don't hold up your group while you are filling your pockets with others misfortunes.     
    The thing to look for when considering where to buy used golf balls is the selection and condition of the balls. Shopping online is the best way to compare retailers. You can quickly and conveniently search through many sellers to find the best one. Make sure to look for a condition rating when browsing for used golf balls. Not all used golf balls are in good condition, and you want to make sure the balls you buy will be playable. Each retailer will have its own rating system, just make sure you understand how the balls are rated and know exactly what you will be getting. Also, you should shop around to find a wider selection. That will allow you to buy the best style of used golf balls for your ability and swing.

How Much Used Golf Balls Cost

    Used golf balls vary widely in price, from 10 cents a ball to only a few dollars under the new price. The brand, type and condition are just a few of the factors that influence the price.
The price of used golf balls also varies depending on how they are sold. Balls sold in generic or mixed bulk packages are usually cheaper than a specific type of name brand used golf ball. When purchasing used golf balls, you will have to weigh cost versus performance. You can't have performance for cheap unless you get lucky, but don't count on luck. The best way to get the most for your money is to first decide which type of golf ball fits your ability and swing, and then shop around until you find a good deal for that type of used golf ball. To find the right golf ball for your game, read our article Golf Balls. If you simply want as many balls possible for the least amount possible look for used golf balls sold in mixed packs -- where there is no specific type or brand -- of 100 balls or more.

    Used golf balls can save you money, but usually at the price of performance. However, if you shop around and do the work, you can save some money without adding strokes to your scorecard. It pays to compare deals for used golf balls.

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