Golf Trophies
By: Brent Walter

Golf Trophies Buying Tips: Don't buy the first awards you find. You should consider these five tips to ensure you get golf trophies worthy of your event.

    Golf trophies are at the center of any competition. They represent the tournament and all those associated with it. It's no coincidence that you always see photos of the winner and trophy smattered throughout the press after a big event. Golf trophies are really that significant. So, if you're looking for a trophy to represent your event, choose wisely and give the decision careful thought. You can't be too diligent. Just to help you cover all your bases, here's a little advice. These five tips will set you up for success and help make those newspaper photos of your tournament look that much better.

It Must fit With Your Event

    You wouldn't wear jeans to a wedding, and you wouldn't wear black-tie attire to a rock concert. Just as you wear appropriate clothes to social occasions, you need to choose golf trophies that are suitable for your event. For example, a charity fundraising tournament shouldn't hand out trophies worth hundreds of dollars. It doesn't seem right for an organization that is trying to raise money to be doling out thousands in prizes. That just doesn't make sense. Conversely, a big corporate tournament shouldn't hand out paper awards. It'll look cheap coming from a company worth millions or billions of dollars. You see the point. Although it may not seem obvious which golf trophies would be right for your event, you'll find the right one if you give it some thought. Think about your organization's mission and consider its values. If you find a trophy that fits with those, you'll have a winner.

You Need a Theme

    Most golf tournaments give out at least a few trophies. Whether you're awarding three or 103 golfers, you need to have a theme that pulls all the trophies together. They need to be related in some way so that you create a cohesive award brand. It can be as simple as having all crystal trophies or all pewter trophies. Or, you could have different looking trophies that each have a famous quote or poem engraved on it. The cleverer, the better. It'll make your trophies unique and memorable, which will increase your tournament's notoriety. There's a reason all of the products in a product line have similar appearances. It's not by chance. Likewise, if you plan your golf trophies right, you'll enhance the reputation and prestige of your tournament.  

What's Worthy of a Trophy?

    Many golf tournaments give out awards for different competitions. Besides for top placers, there are awards for hole-in-one competitions, par-3 matches, putts-for-cash, chip-bunker competitions and others. If you have multiple competitions, you have to decide which warrant golf trophies. The competitions are not equal, and they shouldn't be treated like they are. Just keep that in mind when looking at trophies. To keep your trophy theme intact, you'll need to find different levels of prizes that work well together.

Check Your Budget

    Very few, if any, golf tournaments have an unlimited budget. So, you'll need to manage your money well. Make sure you account for the all the different trophies and the different levels of trophies you'll need to buy. Although your main trophy is the showpiece and should cost more than the others, the complimentary golf trophies need to reflect the value of the main one. If not, it'll look disrespectful to the other competitors, and your tournament will look elitist. Budgeting carefully before you shop will ensure that you get all the trophies you need and that they are all good enough to represent your organization.

Personalized Means Planning

    An important point to keep in mind is that if you want personalized trophies, you'll have to plan ahead. Any personalized item takes longer to manufacture and there is the time involved to create the custom messges. So, if you're on a short deadline, pass on the customized golf trophies. The last thing you need to be stressed out about is not having awards on the day of the tournament. However, adding a custom touch to golf trophies is very classy. If you have time, it's a good idea to add a little something to your trophies.

    Golf trophies deserve more than a few seconds of thought. If you spend the time thinking over your choices, you'll find the perfect type of golf trophies for your event. The extra time will be well worth it when you see how good the winners looks next to your trophies.

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