Golf Schools
By: Brent Walter

Golf Schools: Before you learn how to play golf, you need to know how to find a good golf school. To make that process as easy as possible, here are some simple tips.

Check the Student to Teacher Ratio

    What's the point of going to a golf school if you don't get any feedback on your swing? Without having someone see what you're doing and help you, there isn't much chance of you improving. That's why it's so important to check the student to teacher ratio. If it's low, you're more likely to get the attention you need (Kroen). If it's high, although the instruction may be informative, you won't get the personal attention needed to really make great strides.

Personal Recommendations are a Plus

    If you're in the hunt for possible golf schools, nothing is more helpful than personal recommendations. Ask your friends, coworkers, golf buddies, club members or even your local golf pro if they know of any good golf schools (Moe). They may be able to give you more than just names of golf schools. Someone may even give you the inside scoop of what are the best schools around and which you should avoid. If you can find someone who actually attended some of the golf schools, that's even better. You can't be too careful when selecting which golf school to attend because they are often very expensive. So, ask around, and get lots of different opinions. You'll be glad you did.

You Need to Know the Teachers

    Many golf schools have big-name instructors attached to them. However, that doesn't mean they'll actually be the ones teaching you. Most likely, someone who has been certified by the big-name teacher gives the actual lessons. So, you need to know who will be giving you the actual lessons. Calling the golf school and asking isn't rude. You have every right to know your instructor's work experience, golf background and other pertinent information. It's also helpful to know what type of teaching philosophy your particular instructor uses. If you don't get along with your instructor, you certainly won't get any better.

Location Matters

    Golf schools are often located at beautiful, relaxing resorts. The gorgeous scenery, laid-back atmosphere and plush accommodations make learning golf that much more enjoyable. And without any distractions or interference, you can completely concentrate on your game and getting better. But if the location isn't ideal, you'll be frustrated, uncomfortable and distracted. None of those will help you learn better. So, you really do need to check out the locations of possible golf schools (Moe). It really can make a big difference in how much you learn and how much you enjoy yourself.

Is the Instruction on Your Level?

    Whether you're an expert or a beginner, you need to make sure the golf school you attend is designed to fit your needs. Experts need expert training, and beginners need beginner advice. The two groups do not mix well in one golf instructional setting. So, be very careful when signing up for a golf school. Make sure your golf school is right for your experience and ability level.

    Golf schools get you away from your daily grind so you can completely focus on your game. A few days of nothing but learning and playing the game you love can really help you improve. Just make sure you find a golf school that is right for you, or those days may not be all that you hoped for.

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