Golf Gift
By: Brent Walter

Golf Gift Idea Help: There is no, one perfect golf gift. But with a little help, you'll have no trouble finding a gift that works perfectly for your situation. Here are some tips to help you come up with the best golf gift idea ever.

    Your options for a golf gift are almost endless. From equipment to collectors' items, there are more choices than one person could ever sort through. Luckily, you don't have to look at them all to find the perfect one. If you just spend a little time thinking things over, the answer will practically fall in your lap. Well, maybe it won't be that easy, but if you use these tips you'll have a much easier time. Not to mention, you'll have a better chance of getting a winner golf gift. Come on. You can at least do better than a golf napkin holder.

What's in the Golf Bag?

    You need to know what's in the recipients bag. How can you buy a gift for a golfer without seeing what he or she already has? The contents of a golf bag are as revealing as a DNA scan. Even a quick look will be a big help. The information you gather about clubs, balls, accessories and bag can give you an easy gift idea, or it will help guide you to the perfect golf gift. When looking at the golfer's gear, take note of more than just the number and type of clubs and other accessories. Figure out the brands; asses the condition; look for what's missing. If you don't get an immediate idea, at least you'll give your brain some fuel for thought.

Do Some Detective Work

    Besides scoping out the recipient's golf bag, do some other snooping around and fact gathering. Inconspicuously ask about his or her golf game. Golfers usually like to vent about their frustrations, and cursing equipment is often included. Obviously, any cursed equipment is fair game for replacement: easy gift idea. Also, if the golfer talks about a particular aspect of his or her game that needs improvement, whether drives, short game, putting or whatever, there's another avenue to pursue. There are numerous training aids and instructional videos to help each part of a golfer's game. One might fit the bill. If you really listen you'll find more clues than you would think. Talking to golfing buddies of the recipient is another great tactic. They may have an inside scoop for you.

Always Know the Specs

    Just having an idea of what someone might want is good, but knowing exactly what will work is much better. And with a golf gift, you really have to know the right specifications to get the perfect gift. It's more important on some things than others, but buying most golf gifts requires knowing at least a few details. Golf clubs require the most specifications. If you have your heart set on giving the gift of club, you'll need to know the proper height, flex, loft, lie, grip size, swing weight and shaft material. For golf balls, compression rating and core design are important. For other accessories, like shoes, gloves, apparel and bags, you should focus on size and features. No matter how amazing your golf gift, if it doesn't fit, it won't work.

Brand Does Matter

    In most golfing circles the brand of the equipment and accessories does make a difference. So, make sure you are informed about what is cool and what was so last year. Even if your gift works well, if it has the wrong tag, it may not receive the reception you hoped for. Thankfully, your early reconnaissance work armed you with the brand information to make the wise purchase. If not, you'll need to do more sleuthing around.

    The perfect golf gift will reveal itself if you know what to look for. Use those tips and your job will certainly be easier. If you do gather the right information and give it some thought, you'll at least do better than golf napkin holders. Really.

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