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US Open Golf

Golf Handicap

Golf Handicap: the basics about the golf handicap system. There is so much confusion surrounding the golf handicap system that it's hard to even begin ...

British Open Golf

Want British Open golf information? Here's the history, top winners and ticket information for the British Open golf tournament. Don't let the next page ...

Golf Galaxy

Golf Galaxy is much more than a superstore with a huge selection of golf equipment. With on-site services and interactive elements, Golf Galaxy ...

History of Golf

The history of golf is complex, controversial and still in dispute today. There is no one, clear history of golf, but many competing scenarios. There are ...

Golf Channel

The golf channel is a valuable resource that you can use to improve your game. More than just scores and highlight, the golf channel can not only ...

Golf Course Cooling

Golf course cooling is vital for playing and feeling your best during a round. Anyone who has played on a hot, sunny summer day without being ...

Golf Discount

A golf discount can make playing golf much more affordable. With equipment, instruction and greens fees, you can probably use each and every golf discount ...

Discount Golf

Discount golf: How to play golf and spend the least amount of money possible. If you only play a few rounds of golf each year and aren't interested in ...


USGA: What you didn't know you needed to know about the Unites States Golf Association. The USGA provides many services to the golfing community ...


PGA TOUR 101: What you need to know to impress your golfing buddies. Knowing the basics about the PGA TOUR can save you ...

Golf Cart