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Taylor Made Golf

Taylor Made Golf: Become acquainted with the brand of golf driver used by most professionals. If more pros use Taylor Made drivers than any other brand, shouldn't you be interested?

    For the past five years, pro golfers have used Taylor Made drivers, fairway woods and hybrids more than any other brand of clubs, according to a Darrell Survey done June 2006. The company's popularity among the pros is due to its clubs' high levels of performance, said Sean Toulon, Taylor Made's executive vice president of product and brand creation.

    "We understand the dynamics and inner workings of the metalwood like no other company," Toulon said. "To be consistently competitive, players need to drive the ball as long as they potentially can. That's why Taylor Made continues to be the favored driver on the PGA Tour -- because they provide more distance, as well as greater accuracy."

    Taylor Made Golf's most recent innovation in club design is Movable Weight Technology, which allows pros and weekend players alike to realign club head weight in order to better control their shots. Whether you need to cure a pesky fade or the ability to shape a shot around a dogleg, the movable weights can help.

    Movable Weight Technology is only the most recent innovation from Taylor Made Golf. The company has been changing the way golfers hit the ball since 1979 ("Home"). With its many clubs, Rossa putters and Maxfli golf balls, Taylor Made has top-of-the-line equipment for whatever a golfer needs.

    Before making your next golf purchase, take a hint from the pros and check out what's available from Taylor Made Golf. You may never swing like the pros, but using high quality equipment will certainly help narrow the gap between your scores and theirs.


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