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Golf del Sur

Golf del Sur is the perfect location if you are looking for an exotic golf vacation. Located in the Canary Islands, off the north west coast of Africa, Golf del Sur offers great golf in an unbeatable setting. Majestic mountains, undulating waves, beautiful beaches, lush vegetation and ideal year-round weather are just the beginning of why you should book a flight and schedule a tee time at Golf del Sur. (article continued below)

Photo Credit: Bob Rodwell

Golf del Sur's Location

    Golf del Sur is located on Tenerife Island, which is the largest of the 13 Canary Islands (World Book). The Canary Islands are an autonomous region of Spain, situated about 60 miles off the northwest coast of mainland Africa ("Canarian Nationality: Statute of Autonomy," World Book). With temperatures in the 60s F and 70s F year round, Tenerife is known internationally as the island of eternal spring ("Meteorologia"). In fact, the climate was so perfect and the environment so pleasing that 19th Century English and Dutch doctors recommended that some of their patients move to Tenerife because it was believed to cure evils of the body ("Meteorologia"). So, if you need an excuse to take a golfing vacation at Golf del Sur, just say it's for the good of your health.
    However, the climate is not the only thing that makes golfing at Golf del Sur a delight. While at Golf del Sur and traveling around Tenerife, you will never be at want for a beautiful view. Tenerife Island has a great variety of terrains and landscapes, from snow-capped mountains, to dry desert land, to lush tropical forests.

Photo Credit: Karolina Ksiazek
About Golf del Sur

    Golf del Sur, founded in 1987, has played host to some of the worlds best golfers ("Quienes Somos"). Host of the Open de Tenerife of the PGA European Volvo Tour, International Long Drive Competition, Shell Wonderful World of Golf and Tenerife Ladies Open of the LPGA European Evian Tour, Golf del Sur is renowned worldwide as an outstanding course. The 27 holes of Golf del Sur are arranged into three golf routes. Each route has unique geographical features, such as volcanic black sand traps, steep ocean-side cliffs, native flora and large lakes ("Gua del Campo").
The newest route, the Links Course designed by Manuel Piero, opened in 2005, making Golf del Sur the only golf course in the Canary Islands with three competition routes ("Gua del Campo"). The Links Course is 3,120 long with two par-3 holes, five par-4 holes and two par-5 holes. The two other courses are the North Course and the South Course. The North Course is 3,233 yards with two par-3 holes, five par-4 holes and two par-5 holes. The South Course is 3,233 yards long with two par-3 holes, five par-4 holes and two par-5 holes ("Gua del Campo").
    Besides the well-designed courses, Golf del Sur has first class facilities such as a traditional style clubhouse, events lodge and catering staff, top-notch golf pro shop and a golf academy ("Gua de Campo"). Golf del Sur also has driving ranges, putting and chipping areas, tennis courts, minigolf and a restaurant-bar ("Quienes Somos").

Golf and the Canary Islands

    The game of golf was brought to the Canary Islands during the 1800s when British businessmen began settling there ("Tourism: Tourism for Golf"). They brought with them many of their customs and pastimes, including their love of golf. The first golf course, The Royal Golf Club of Las Palmas, was soon built and opened in 1871. It was also the first golf course in Spain ("Tourism: Tourism for Golf").
    Since that time, the booming tourism on the Canary Islands and tourists' desire to play golf has led to the construction of 15 golf courses, seven of which are on Tenerife, and 19 more golf courses either under construction or in planning ("Tourism: Tourism for Golf"). Currently there are many ocean-side courses, mountain-view courses and courses surrounded by lush, tropical vegetation. The wonderful microclimates enable golfers to play in perfect weather in a variety of settings. You'll find it hard to grow tired of golf in the Canary Islands.

    If you're looking for a luxurious golf vacation, a family getaway or maybe a location for an international business meeting, check out Golf del Sur. With world-class golf courses, first class amenities, ocean views and year-round balmy weather, Golf del Sur is an ideal destination for any golfer.


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