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Golf Tees

Golf Tees Buying Guide: Before grabbing the first bag or tees you find, you should really consider your options. With all sorts of different heights and types available, you'll need to choose wisely to get the most out of your tee shots.

    Most golfers overlook the importance of golf tees. However, tees can have a big influence over your distance and accuracy. So, you really should take the time to figure out what type will work best for you. If you do, you'll have more control over your game and hit many more fairways.
    The most important characteristic to consider when selecting which golf tees to buy is height. Different height tees are designed for different clubs and different types of shots. You'll have a much easier time with your tee shots once you understand how each height works. To help you use golf tees to your advantage, here's what you need to know about golf tee heights.

3-Inch Golf Tees

    In perfect weather, you're supposed to tee your ball so that half of it is above your club head (Robertson). That's easy to do with standard drivers, but if you have an oversized driver, standard golf tees will be hard pressed to hold a ball high enough. That's why there are long tees around three inches tall, so golfers with oversized club heads can tee up properly. If you have a standard club head, you won't need tees that tall, well, unless you're trying to do a trick shot of some sort.

2-Inch Golf Tees

    For all those golfers with standard drivers, tees around two inches tall are ideal. They'll be able to hold your ball at the perfect height without having to drive your tees way down into the ground. Especially on windy days, when you need to tee the ball even lower, two-inch tees will work really well.  Their shorter height can hold your ball at the recommended windy-weather height of one-third above your club head.

1-Inch Golf Tees

    On those occasions where you'd want to tee off with an iron or a fairway wood, you'll want to use golf tees in the one-inch range. That's because you need to compensate for the clubs' higher loft angles, which hit the ball beneath its center (Robertson). The combination of a high teeing position and a lofted club equals disaster. So, if you tee off with the ball low, you'll get the perfect trajectory and backspin with fairway woods and irons.

Game Improvement Golf Tees

    If you're looking for a way to improve without doing any work, try game enhancement golf tees. They are designed to reduce the friction between your ball and tee, as well as your club and tee. There are many different designs to choose from, but they all aim to improve your distance and accuracy. If you're interested, try a few different ones and see what works for you. As long as they are the right height for your clubs, any model is a candidate.

    Golf tees are not all equal, and they won't all work for you. So, you need to find the right tees for the clubs you'll be using. If the golf tees fit your clubs, you'll be able to hit much better shots from the tee.


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