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Golf Nets

Golf Nets Buying Guide: Before handing over your hard-earned money for a practice net, you really should consider all your options. The last thing you want is to have your net set up and then find a better one.

    Golf Nets come in an overwhelming variety of shapes, features, sizes and prices. To sort through all the choices, you need to have a solid idea of how you want to use your golf net. Do you want to hit drives? Do you want to work on your short game? Do you want a more permanent structure of something you can put up and take down each time you practice? Will you be indoors or outdoors? Knowing the answers to those questions and more will help you select the perfect type of golf net. So you don't have to hurt your head coming up with questions, we've done it for you. All you have to do is figure out the answers. Then you'll have no problem discovering which golf nets will work for you.

Professional or Recreational

    You should first consider whether you need a professional-commercial grade net or a recreational-personal net. That decision will greatly influence where you shop and the types of golf nets you look at. Commercial and professional grade golf nets are like batting cages, which are semi-permanent with large frames that shield the front, top, left and right sides. They are usually more expensive but heavier duty than consumer models. On the other hand, recreational and personal golf nets are smaller, more portable and less expensive. However, they don't have as much netting.

Long, Short and Everything in Between

    Once you've decided to go for a professional or recreational golf net, next you need to figure out whether you'll be using the net for long drives or short pitches and chip shots. If you really want to perfect your short game, look at golf nets specifically designed for that purpose. Yes, you can chip and pitch into any type of net, but golf nets made for short shots often have target areas or specific pockets that you aim for. Having a target can make practice much more interesting and provide needed feedback. If working on your long shots is what you have in mind, you'll want a big, sturdy net. For those of you who want to practice both, you can find golf nets that are large enough for long shots and have smaller targets or pockets so you can improve your short shots.

Indoors or Outdoors

    Not all golf nets can be used both indoors and outdoors. So, consider where you'll need to practice. You really have good options for both conditions, and many nets can be used for indoors and outdoors. Knowing ahead of time where you'll be playing will make a big difference in what you buy.

Permanent or Portable

    Can you leave the net set up or will you have to assemble and disassemble it each time you use it? Either situation will affect which golf nets will work best for you. If you can have a permanent net, you can get a bigger, studier and more advanced model. However, if you'll be putting it up every time, you'll want something simple and easy to use. Golf nets that fold down and pop up will make setup and cleanup a snap. You can find large 7-foot by 9-foot nets that collapse and open without any assembly. How convenient is that?

How Much can you Afford

    Prices can vary a lot for golf nets. You can get a $16 chipping net or $200 deluxe, pop-up model. However, most golf nets for consumers cost less than $100, and you can find large 9-foot by 7-foot nets for as little as $35. So, no matter what your budget, you can find a net that is affordable. Just know you're willing to pay, and stick to your limit. Don't jump at the first net you see, you're likely to find other good deals if you do a little shopping around.

    Golf nets can help you improve in the convenience of your own yard or home. But for a golf net to really help you, it must meet your needs. Answering those questions before you start looking at golf nets will help you sort through the wide variety to find what will work best for you. The better your golf net works for you, the more you'll be able to improve.