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Golf Condos

Golf condos can be relaxing retreats with exotic locations, great golfing and first-class amenities. If your vision of the perfect vacation or home includes a beautiful golf course right outside your door, then one of the numerous golf condos around the US may be waiting for you. Before purchasing a golf condo, make sure you know which type best suits your financial situation.

    The first question you will have to answer while searching for golf condos, besides whether you want to live near the ninth or first hole, is whether you want to rent, buy or timeshare. Here is some basic information that will help you decide on which type of golf condo to purchase.

What are Golf Condos

    Golf condos, also known as condominiums, are multi-unit residential groups. The residential groups can be composed of single-family houses, apartment complexes, high-rise buildings, town houses or any other type of buildings (Starchild). As a condo owner, you are the sole property owner of your unit, and you have right to dispose of it as you please. As the property owner, you must pay your unit's mortgage, utilities and taxes. However, you are not liable for the payments of others' units.
    Along with ownership of your personal unit, you and the other unit owners share the rights and responsibilities of the common areas, which can include yards, pools, golf courses, sidewalks, lobbies, etc ( However, most condo groups hire an outside company to handle the upkeep of the shared areas.

Buying Golf Condos

    As an owner of a golf condo unit you become part of the condominium association, which allows you to vote for the board of directors, who are in charge of managing the common areas. You must pay your portion of the maintenance for the common areas as well as all expenses for your particular unit ( Owning a golf condo is like owning a vacation home, plus having access to a private club. Benefits include avoiding escalating rent, deducting mortgage interest and real estate taxes from your income taxes, eliminating personal maintenance work and generating income by leasing your unit when you are not using it. Renting out your condo can help pay the mortgage and community maintenance fees (Starchild).

Renting Golf Condos

   If buying a golf condo is too much of a commitment, you can rent. Many owners lease their golf condos while they aren't using them. You can enjoy the condo and the community areas for the time you are renting without any of the responsibilities attached to ownership. However, over time you will be paying more money as rental rates rise ( There is no inflation protection when you rent. Another downside of renting is that you won't get first choice on timing because the owner will probably want the best dates. Wouldn't you if it was your condo?

Timeshare Golf Condos

    There is another alternative to buying or renting golf condos. You can purchase a timeshare. Like buying a golf condo, you are purchasing real estate that you can rent, sell, exchange or bequeath ( Owning the title protects you from rising costs and inflation by securing your future vacations at today's prices. However, you only own the property for an allotted amount of time per year, usually about a week. The responsibilities for owning a timeshare include paying maintenance fees and property tax along with your mortgage, if you need one.  However, unlike owning a condo, you only have to pay your small portion of the bills (Strauss). Another benefit of owning a timeshare is that you can join a timeshare exchange system, which allows you to swap with another timeshare owner and vacation at a different time or another location (Strauss).

    If golfing plays a prominent role in your vacation plans, consider looking into golf condos. With great locations and high-quality amenities, golf condos can give you many great rounds of golf and a relaxing, comfortable place to stay, regardless of whether you decide to buy, rent or timeshare. Consider the benefits and detriments of each option in relation to your particular situation. Carefully consider any decision to buy property, and it's a good idea to have a lawyer read over any agreements before you sign them (


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