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Golf Accessories

Golf Accessories: Check out these great accessories to take with you to the golf course. From electronic scorekeepers to collapsible ball retrievers, we tell you what golf accessories to pack in your bag.

    In a game that requires so much precision, the little things can make the biggest difference. So, before you tee off for your next round make sure you have the golf accessories that will enable you to perform at your best. Here's a list of a few you may want to add to your equipment list.

Electronic Scorekeepers and Handicap Calculators: Pencils and paper seem like torture devices from the dark ages when compared to the technological marvels available to the today's golfers. You can get gadgets that can keep track of four players' scores through 18 holes and add up the totals with just the touch of a button. No more scribbling down numbers or agonizing over calculating the totals.
    Even if you don't need help managing your scores, anyone short of a statistician can benefit from a golf handicap calculator. If you can juggle your handicap differentials, slope ratings, course ratings and other numbers without any help, please share your secret. However, if you are like most golfers, who find the idea of doing all that math painful, do yourself a favor and get a handicap calculator. With very little effort and no calculations, you can have your handicap without the headache.

Collapsible Golf Ball Retriever: Be honest. How many balls have you given a bath in the last year? Whether it's over a hundred of just a handful, with a golf ball retriever you don't have to loose any of your miss-hit balls. You don't even have to get wet. Whether your ball is in the water, woods or up in a tree, as long as it's within 15 feet you can snag it. Also, you may be able to pull in some extra balls along with yours. There's no rule that says you shouldn't benefit from the fact that your fellow golfers weren't as prepared as you.

The Multi-Tool: When you're out on the course there are many little things that you have to do in order to play well. Whether for replacing spikes in your shoes or cleaning the grooves in your irons, you need the right tools. So, instead of lugging around a bag full of different golf accessories, why not get one useful multi-tool? With just one tool you can replace your shoe spikes, rest your putter, open a bottle, brush your clubs, repair your divots, mark your ball on the green and clean the grooves of your clubface. Surely, you could even use it to build a fire and catch a fish if you try hard enough.  But seriously, a multi-tool can come in handy.

Golf Glasses: How many times have you lost a ball in the rough or missed a putt because you misread the break of the green? No matter how many times it may be, you can lower that number by improving your vision. Game-enhancing glasses may not let you see into the future of your golf game, but they can help you find your lost ball or read the green. By blocking out different colors, the glasses allow you to see either the white of your ball or the subtle contours of a green. It's like having superhuman powers without tights and a cape.

Putter Ball Retriever: No one enjoys having to reach down to the ground to pick up a ball. Even if you're in the prime of your youth, when a ball is at the bottom of that hole it can sometimes feel a long way down. So, to save your back and a little extra energy, consider getting a golf ball retriever attachment for the handle end of your putter. Whenever you're around the green, you'll be able to just flip your putter over and pluck up your ball. It's easy, convenient and won't get in the way. Your back will thank you for it.

    When inches can make or break your round of golf, you need all the help you can get. The right golf accessories will give you the edge you need to get the ball in the hole in fewer strokes. The more prepared you are and the better your golf accessories, the better you will play and the more you will enjoy your round.